Thursday, June 9, 2011

Champagne Country

Two weeks non stop in Paris, I thought it was timely to visit the countryside, and where better to do that, than the Chanpagne region.
 It was a fabulous day not only  because of the sipping  of  champagne but also because of the significance of the history of the region, especially Reims and its magnificent Cathedral.

It was interesting to learn  that the wineries of all the significant  Houses are all in Epernay and not out in the vineyards as we do it  in Australia and New Zealand. Driving in and around   the little cobbled  streets it was a game of spot the winery.  Billicart, Mumm ,Pol Roger, Heidsieck,  and so many more. It was just amazing that all these significant places were located in seemingly  back streets .
We went to a small family winery that had been in the family for generations and then we went over to the big one ..Moet and Chandon.

So here are my "happy" snaps of the Champagne country

Was a very overcast day so wasn't that good for the photos

Reims Cathedral

very similar to Notre Dame

The old family winery

150 year old  grape press

was a very nice drop

Epernay Town Hall

Dedication to the fallen

The big daddy of them all

how appropriate!

Napoleon was received in this room

Now for the 27 klm of caves of champagne

....and finallly

On our way home we passed this massive statue that could be seen for miles.  It was a dedication to a Pope from the past who had come from the village.

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