Friday, June 3, 2011

Yes ....another Bookshop

It was a cold and windy afternoon so I wandered over to the famous Shakespeare and Company bookstore.  I had known about the shop and knew it would be a cozy place to settle down for a couple of hours out of the weather.  I wasn't disappointed.

Shakespeare & Company was originally established in 1921 by Sylvia Beach  and was a library and a  bookshop.  Beach was famous for assisting so many writers of the time like Ernest  Hemingway, Scott  Fitzgerald, Gertrude Stein, and also publishing James Joyce Ulysees.
Budding young writers arriving in Paris  would be able to stay at the bookshop until they had found accommodation and they would volunteer their help as payment.
The new shop opened in 1951 and continues in the traditions of the  former famous bookshop.
The place is a bit of an institution in Paris and has a unique atmosphere. There is an old piano upstairs and each time I have visited someone would randomly be playing.  

Some piccies here hopefully capture the atmosphere

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