Wednesday, June 1, 2011


The name speaks for itself, so not much more for me to say other than it was overwhelmingly touristy.
Many charming spots,  but the highlight for me was finding the  Salvador Dali  museum.
Three hundred works of art in a very nondescipt building. Unfortunately for me I was there the same time as a school tour.
Lots of piccies here
 Firstly  of course  The  Basilica of the SacreCouer and the view

The Montmartre Museum seemed to be a very neglected little spot but I found it quite interesting, especially out the back in the courtyard.  The neighbouring buildings also looked like they had a story to tell. For all the hords that were out in the streets, I was the only one visitng here.

Then there were lots of other roof tops that always seem to fascinate me

Then lots of eating places


Then of course the budding artists

Then Dali

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