Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Musee du Quai Branly

It was No. 1 on my list and I finally made it today to see  Musee du Quai Branly and I wasn't disappointed.
Musee du Quai Branly exhibits indigeneous art from around the world.  The collection is huge and has some very dramatic works including some Mayan pottery dating back to 600-800.
The  buidling  is modern  and stunning in the middle of classic Paris.  The interior  is equally dramatic and displays the collection magnificently.
Some of the snaps are a bit blurry  but  I will still use them.

Part of the dramatic exterior

Sally Gabori painting.  Sally is well into her 80s and is from the Mornington  Island. Her works  are exhibited  in museums around the world and are sold in galleries around the world

These costumes  are worn by the Andes Diablada dances. The ritual dances are performed at certain carnivals and date back to the 19th century

A Camel Palanguin belonging to a Bedoin tribe from North Arabian desert.
At the time of traditional voyages , women and children travelled in Palanguins of various shapes and sizes.  This one belonged to the chief of the Sha'a Arab tribe...great camel nomads of the North arabian desert.
These 'ships of the desert' have now been superseded by the car.

Plate from the Mayan culture dates 600-800 from Mexico, Calakmul

Vase from Guatemala, Preten  dates 600-900

Indonesian sculptures

 Thought I would include a few snaps I took on my walk from the Petite Palace on the other side of the river.

First had to cross Pont de l'Alma

Cant help myself ...had to take it!

couple of hotties

Exterior of buildings were becoming more modern down this end of town

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