Friday, May 20, 2011

Bonjour Paris

After a very smooth 27 hours of  travelling I was very glad to see my driver with my name on his placard at the arrival doors of CDG. What a successful plan that was. To have someone  to be there to relieve me of my luggage and escort me to the awaiting Merc, phone my apartment agent to herald my arrival , and take my luggage up the stairs to my apartment, took all  the stress out of my arrival to the 'City of Lights'
Paris motorways and streets at 8am Monday  was a car park however my driver took me on a detour from the main H'way which enabled me to enjoy the more scenic areas of Dugny, Epinay, Saint Denis, Aubervilles, and Canal St.Martin .
After  check in at my beautiful apartment, I did a recconnaisance of my neighbourhood and instantly knew I had made the best choice of all  neighbourhoods
.Ile-Saint-Louis is just the most charming  place to  wake up in and come home to every evening.
Left bank was just there so I just had to go and have an initial explore the Latin Quarter.
 After  a visit to my local supermarket for  some  smelly cheese, French Sav Blanc, and baguette I was ready to retire  to Rue Bude.

Here are a few images of my neighbourhood.

Crossing over Pont Sully to the Latin Quarter

 How lucky am I to have the best butcher in Paris around the corner.



  1. Pont Sully... obviously well named

  2. Thanks for all your wonderful photos - I stumbled across your blog when I was looking at the Trip Advisor forums. Looks like you had an amazing trip!