Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Madness and Mayhem again in St Germain Des Pres

Something was about to happen  'cause they were all gathering

Their moment of fame had arrived

They were so dressed for the occasion.  They bought their drums 

they bought their horn

and then..........it was all over!

hmm....of course.......a corvette

Oh .....not another lot 

they couldn't be out done by the funny hats I guess

I like their hats


The photographers were out again

he was the comedian as well

I laughed just looking at him

he didn't think it was funny

she'd had enough..."You got a cigarette?" 

merci beaucoup

This lot were a bit more sober ...... perhaps it was Sister Bertrilles presence

Where's Sister Bertrille for this lot!
 So this was all about a French tradition of 4 days of drinking!

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