Sunday, May 22, 2011

For Music Lovers

For the intimate musical experience you will go far to beat the recitals held in the various churches around the city.  
 Ovewhelming is the  beauty of Saint-Chapelle.  and then to be able to enjoy the music of Vivaldis Four Seasons and Pachelbel's Canon is a very special experience.

An extraordinary visual experience

The best time to visit is late in the afternoon  when the sun is at the best angle for the full appreciation of the stained glass 

A panel at the alter area is undergoing  re-conditoning.

The rear panel is undergoing re-conditioning
The Quartet was magnificent

the exterior

Then over to the Latin Quarter to a very beautiful but very small chapel called  Eglise St Ephrem  which belongs to the Syrian church.  Here I had the pleasure to listen to a brilliant young musician play Beethoven and  Chopin.

St Ephrems is just to the left behind the small fence.  What an amazing view of the Pantheon as I walked up rue des Carmes to find the little church on the left.

Once again I came out  just blown away by the experience
There are many of these recitals in the offering and I am really looking forward to experience many more

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